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Eating natural foods means a healthier body and a healthier planet

This is the Native Nutrition approach to food that embraces whole, natural and nutrient dense foods. Simply respecting the natural way of eating that allowed us to survive for thousands of years with optimal health, strength and vitality.

Fortunately, these seasonal, local, whole and organic foods that taste the best, too!

Just by gradually adopting a few holistic changes in the way you nourish yourself , you can overcome things such as fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, mood swings, headaches, weight issues, and much more!

Native Nutrition is here to support you with information, education and delicious recipes ideas for you to live a healthier and happier life!

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“I decided to change my lifestyle because I wasn`t happy with the way I looked, I was overweight and nothing was fitting me. I had no motivation and a very low self-steem. I knew I needed a drastic change and my first action was to look for a professional who could help and support me all the way towards my goal.

I was lucky to find Emi Looker, she is an excellent professional and guided me all the way. Together, we did an amazing job, with her knowlegde and my own determination that became stronger day after day with the quick results.

It was a hard change in the begging as I had horrible food habits but slowly I learned how to make better and mindful choices. I still eat some of the “bad foods” I used to very occasionaly, before her program “eating healthy” was the exception, I wasn`t even drinking enough water!

It has been nearly 3 years since I`m a new Camila who learned to love herself , is fit, full of energy and knows how to eat healthy.

What did I get from it? Self-steem and less 18kg (2.8 stones/ 40 pounds)

Thank you so much Emi”

Camila V.

Camila V.

“I`m another successful story who can be proud to say “I lost 12 kilos!” The way I see life has also change now that I`ve change my eating habits, all that in only 4 months. Now I know how to eat properly and the most important thing, I can recognize my priorities and use my skills to achieve that. I feel younger and confident, my relationships and self steam are a way better, I look to myself in the mirror I can see that pretty woman again. I`m very grateful to my darling nutritionist Emi Looker, who is so hardwork, genuine,caring and an amazing professional for helping me.
Thank you so much Emi, I wish all people around the world can benefit from your spetacular and precious job”

J. Detrano

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