Make Homemade Sauerkraut!

If life gives you cabbage, you should make Sauerkraut!

This is a MUST in your kitchen! Sauerkraut  it is wonderful fermented food which is full of small living creatures that makes you gut flourish from inside out. These special creatures are called probiotics, they are definitely the key for a stronger immune system among many others benefits that are beyond from what we knew, it is involved in the fat burning metabolism, it can treat digestive problems as well as mental and neurological disorders.

Recipe here!

You can make it home using organic cabbage and eat whenever you want, just do not fall into the silly mistake of buying a DEAD one in the supermarket! If it is pasteurized, all the good bacterias will be dead and you will lose the benefits. Some health food stores sell it LIVE , can be an option! Like this one below:


How is the fermentation of sauerkraut?
It is made by a process called lactic fermentation, when submerged in water, the bacteria begin to convert the cabbage sugars into lactic acid, this is a natural way to preserve food by inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria and that’s where the benefits are for you, the larger and more diverse population of good bacteria you have in your gut the better your immune system and your health in general.

What will you need:

1 small cabbage
1 1/2 tbsp salt (rock salt, pink, etc.)

chopping board
good knife
Big bowl
one large glass jar
1 small jar that fits inside the big one
Something to make a weight, rice, raw beans or clean rocks.
Clean cloth to cover the pot
Elastic band to hold the cloth on the jar


  1. Clean everything very well!: When ferments something is better to give a chance that the good bacteria need to succeed starting with the cleanest possible environment you can! Remove any dirt that has been or even detergent residue with boiling water. You’ll need your hands to massage the cabbage so make sure that they are also extremely clean.
  2. Slice the cabbage: Dispose of old leaves  of cabbage and cut it into four large pieces to facilitate. Slice the whole cabbage very thin.
  3. Add the cabbage and salt: Transfer the cabbage to the large bowl and sprinkle salt on top. With your hands mix the salt and the cabbage together, squeezing gently. At the beginning it will look like is not enough salt but as you will mix the cabbage gets moist, like a coleslaw. This will take 5-10 minutes be patient.
  4. Place the cabbage mixture into the jar: Hands gradually. Push the cabbage to the bottom of the jar with your fist and press, throw away any liquid that appears.
  5. Keep the cabbage in the pot bottom: Now you enter the weight that you have prepared in the smaller jar, it will serve to keep the cabbage in the pot bottom  and eventually keep the cabbage submerged in his own liquid after starting the fermentation.
  6. Cover the jar: Use the clean cloth to cover and hold with the elastic. This allows air to pass through and at the same time prevents any type of insect or dust on it.
  7. Press cabbage every hour: During the next 24 hours, press the small pot on top of the cabbage whenever possible, it will start to release a liquid that will gradually fully cover the cabbage.
  8. Add extra liquid if necessary: If after 24 hours the liquid does not cover the cabbage, dissolve one tea spoon of salt in a glass of water and add only enough to cover the cabbage.
  9. Let ferment for 3 to 7 days: When you start fermentation let the Sauerkraut out of direct sun light and in a dry and airy environment at room temperature. Always keep the cabbage covered by its own liquid, it cannot be floating. When you feel it is with the flavor you want, usually after three days, remove the little jar from inside and keep the big jar in the fridge, but if you want it to be stronger just let it fermenting for 10 days or more. If you see any bubbles or foam that means it is healthy and happy fermentation process, but if it begins to create any kind of mold throw it away immediately, this happens if the cabbage is not submerged properly.
  10. You can stock Sauerkraut for months: It can be kept in the fridge for at least two months, remember to put a label with the date just in case!

Worth a try!

Enjoy the benefits! ❤


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