10 reasons to invest in Organic goods

Life is tough and organic food is not cheap we all know that,

but why we should make a little bit more effort and try to include at least a couple of organic itens in our shopping list?

Read on to discover the benefits of consuming organic products!
1. Avoid health problems caused by the ingestion of toxic chemicals. Researches and studies have shown that pesticides are harmful to our body and the residues that remain in food can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, hormonal disorders, neurological deases and even cancer.

2. Organic foods are more nutritious, rich and balanced soils produce better quality food with higher nutritional value.

3. Organic food is tastier. Flavor, color and aroma are more intense, without any pesticides or chemicals that can alter them.

4. Protect future generations of chemical contamination. The intensive use of chemicals in the food production affects the air, soil, water, animals and people`s genetics expression. The Organic and natural way of farming preserve nature and us.

5. Prevents soil erosion. Through organic techniques such as crop rotation, intercropping planting, composting, etc., the soil remains fertile and productive year after year.

6. Protect water quality. Pesticides used in plantations run through the soil, reach the water table and pollute rivers and lakes.

7. Restore biodiversity, protecting wildlife. Organic agriculture respects the balance of nature creating healthy ecosystems. The wildlife is a essential part for the success of the organic agriculture what preserves the whole natural enviroment.

8. Help small farmers. Most of the organic production comes from small families` business that have on earth their only yield. They dedicate their lifes to maintain the soil fertile revitalizing rural communities.

9. Saves energy. Organic farming dispensing pesticides and fertilizers, intensively using the mulch incorporating organic compost to the soil and manually handling of the beds. It is the opposite procedure of conventional agriculture that relies on oil as pesticide and fertilizer inputs and is the basis for the intense mechanization that characterizes it.

10. The organic product is certified. The organic product quality is ensured by a certification stamp. This seal is provided by organic farming associations, who verifies and supervises organic food from production to marketing. The Certification Seal is the consumer’s assurance of getting healthier products and free of any toxic residue.

Summary: It’s good for you, your family and your future generations,  plus you can still save the planet, how about that? Support the organic trade!


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