Bulletproof Coffee

Try THE most energizing cup of coffee you`ve ever seen!

The BP coffee is nothing like your regular morning latte, it is a drink that promotes high performance, increases energy levels and the cognitive function of the brain. It is getting popular among CEOs of large companies, professional athletes and even super busy moms who want to find enough energy to look after their little darlings and dedicate themselves to their carries/hobbies.

You may find many different recipes for the BP coffee over the Internet but the truth is … it all depends, you need to ajust the quantities and types of ingredients to your own goals and individuality!


It is an AMAZING pre workout! But don`t over use it, make sure you get a decent night of sleep every night to have enough energy through the day.

You will need:

1 cup 200ml * good quality coffee (brewed or espresso)

1/2 teaspoon of good quality organic coconut oil or/and ghee

How to make:

Basically you will mix the ingredients together, the more well blended the best!! Use a blender stick.

Don`t use a plastic blender because it breaks/cracks.

It seems odd for most people who comes across this coffee for the first time, I’d say that the taste is acceptable but the effects are definitely the best part of it!  😀

* Choose good quality ingredients

Combine it with a Lowcarb diet and regular exercises for better and long term results! Need help with that? I can help you out, contact me.

Have fun!


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