Have Fun and be Fit!

How we have changed so far from the healthy living that our ancestors lived? Developing into overfed, overweight and overstressed people.

It`s simply no fun to predicate your happiness on whether your goals. Failing to reach your goals will lead to disappointment and dwindling motivation levels.

We must take a close look at the goal setting process and bring a relaxed, fun first approach to our diet, fitness, body composition, career and other lifestyle pursuits. The first primary reason to switch to a healthy eating style should be enjoyment – eating food that taste great, stabilize your energy level, optimize the function of all the systems in your body, provide long lasting satisfaction and alleviate the phychological stress of regimentation and deprivation that accompany many diets.

Yes, you will look better and enjoy other quantifiable results, but these motivators pale in comparison to the instant gratification you get at every single meal from eating the foods that your body was meant to eat.

If you have any psychological stress about your diet, reject it flat out and start looking for a eating style with nutritious foods and meals that make you happy and full of energy. Do whatever you need to do to enjoy your life, including indulging once in a while with a clear conscience and a big smile. If you are not having fun with your current work out regime, try to figure out other ways that will turn you on again.

Throw some fun fast run occasionally to get you excited about pushing your physical limits and enjoying tangible breakthroughs, including weight loss, more energy and peak performance. Play once in a while, get your kids and family involved. Forget the notion of consistency in this context and align your exercise programme comfortably with your energy level, mood and life responsibilities. Push yourself when your are rested and motivated and rest when you are tired.

When you discard unnecessary goals that are mentally and emotionally stressful, you can focus your attention on process oriented goals.

Goals such as having fun, aligning workout choices with energy levels and tackling new endeavours should define your exercise mentality.

You can lose 10 pounds very quickly via any number of ill advised methods. The true joy from changing your physique doesn`t come from a brutal calorie restriction diet or an exhaustive workout rotine, the most lasting rewards come from the positive, fun lifestyle changes you implemented to make it happen.

Become healthier, fitter, happier and more connected with our basic nature as human beings.

Make it your goal to honour your genes and your destiny to make the most of your life on earth, without attachment to any outcome.


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