Superfoods Everyday

I have been bringing up the subject of superfoods many times, as they are very much the big talking point in food circles, from blueberries to kale and chia seeds etc.

There is no doubt that adding some superfoods to your daily diet can be a terrific help in keeping you fit and healthy but this is only one piece of the whole context.

It is no good adding a few blueberries and spinach to your diet and thinking that by adding these superfoods you are going to suddenly become immortal, there is a great deal more to health and fitness than this.

Good Variety Of Foods

You need to look at your diet as a whole. Are you consuming enough fruit and vegetables each day, are you getting a good variety of foods and food colours, are you getting the right balance of proteins and carbohydrates, are you eating healthy fats rather than unhealthy ones, are you getting a mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals? That`s how you support your gut, and list can go on.

Balanced Diet

The key to health is to get the right balance in your diet. Eat regularly but lightly, incorporate a variety of healthy foods including the so-called superfoods, ensure you eat a good quantity of fruit and vegetables each day and lastly enjoy your food, choose a good variety of foods that are healthy but that you love to eat. Each person is unique and has different needs be aware of that, don`t compare yourself to the neighboor who lost 10kg in 1 month doing exatly what you have been doing for months! Genetics will explain that … it`s not fair I know!

A proper variety diet would be classified for something around 50 different foods a week!! That would garantee you a lot of energy and a longer life but how difficult is to make that happen in this modern world!? Most of us don’t consume not even 15 different foods a week, we tend to choose the foods we like most or are easier to get, including myself!Β . That`s why I prefer to start my morning everyday with an extra boost of 34 superfoods and antioxidants from all around the world in a single shot!! It`s easy and handy! This helps me raise my energy levels, get my work done efficiently, look after my family and still have energy left to go the gym and complete that last push up after a long day!!

This is definitely the best combination available out there, pure, natural and clean. Some ingredients are pomegranate, cranberry, cherry, açaí(Brazilian Amazon), prune, gojiberry, acerola(Brazilian) , shiitake mushroom (East Asia), white tea leaf, aloe vera, peach, apple, bergamot(Italian), grape seed, black cumin, blueberry, turmeric, black pepper which includes BioPerine which is proven to increase nutrient absorption in the body such as vitamin A, B6, C, selenium and CoQ10. I LOVE the sweet spicy flavour too, I just feel healthier immediately!

You can find it here


Nutritionally Dense Superfoods

Superfoods are basically nutritionally dense foods that help you get your daily dose of essential minerals and vitamins, so if you combine some of these with a good balanced diet this will stand you in very good stead. Some superfoods that were recognised at Harvard University recently as ones that should be consumed on a regular basis include salmon, Β blueberries, eggs, walnuts, avocado, dark chocolate, kale, eggs, olive oil, etc

And don`t forget that as well as the food and drink you consume other essential elements of a healthy body include taking regular exercise each day and also look after your mind by practicing relaxation techniques, be it through yoga, meditation or mindfullness.

A healthy body and a healthy mind goes together.

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