Take back control of your life and health 

I have been building a life time of health and strength not just physical but mental and emotional too. It all started probably when I was less than 2 years old when my parents put me on swimming lessons! For them if I could walk I could swim right?! Hahah not just thinking about health and fitness but also for my own safety around the beaches in Rio. 

Being in good shape have happened in the process but the main gain is, I absolutely LOVE all this every I feel everyday!

Nowadays I know, as a nutritionist, that all comes down to a healthy diet, keep active, have a good night of sleep, be stress free and nourish my cells with good quality filtered water.

You can choose foods that boost your energy and brain performance or foods that put you up and down very quickly, the typical sugar crash that makes you feel miserable!

Which side do you want to be? Energetic and fit or overweight and lazy? You have the power to change, step by step, meal after meal. You can shape your own thoughts, behaviour and motivation and start your own new story.

Start now and take back the control of your life of health. I can help you that, drop me a msg and find out how 🙂 

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