Just eat real tasty food 

Forget the idea that healthy food is boring, you can make your healthy food taste amazing! 👍Real food is THE ingredient.

Consistency is king on a diet and if your can cook tasty food you are far more likely to stick to your healthy diet plan💁🏻. It doesn’t have to be 100% super healthy all time, adding variety to your plate also helps you to keep it enjoyable and on track for the long term✌️. If you can make 80% out of a 100% you are doing well.

Never feel guilty after eating something you think you shouldn’t🤷, food is not your enemy. Just enjoy the moment, chew slowly and get back next meal, if you’re trying to lose weight make sure this is happening less often as possible 😅.

Stop trying to find the weight loss short cut, it doesn’t exist❌. Short term fad diets only helps you to put another extra kilo/pound back on. Portion control is also the key, eat when you are hungry and stop when you satisfied, should be obvious but it is not 🙌😉.

Discover new ideas, combine different ingredients, find recipes you enjoy and make the most of it ❤️😊👌

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