I have a DREAM…

I have a dream, I want to make the world a better place! Starting by encouraging a better food system.
I believe that sustainable food that comes from natural and organic sources are the way to health and wellbeing. Good and healthy food should be accessible to everyone.
I believe that the way we can change it, is supporting our local farmers and voting with our shopping choices every single time. Demand and supply.
The actual food system doesn’t only kill us and our families but it also kills the beautiful planet we live in. We all know how much the food industry pollutes the seas, the soil and the air we breathe.
I believe that modern nutrition science shouldn`t encourage us to count calories or exclude entire food groups from our diets, instead, it should have a more holistic approach to it accepting that we are all different with our very individual dietary needs. We definitely have a lot to learn with the ancient Indian medicine – Ayurveda – that has this holistic approach in its core and have being practiced for more than 5000 years.
I believe that if you can learn to respect nature, you can also learn to respect yourself and your natural body shape. Being healthy there is nothing to do with starving yourself to become super skinny or eating tasteless foods. Being healthy means feeling great in your skin, being able to listen to your own natural body signs and have lots of energy throughout the day, every day.
I`m here in this world to serve and to help other people to unlock the power of real food and just like me, find their ways to heal their body, their mind, prevent diseases and live with optimal health to achieve great things.
I`m Emi Looker and I`m glad you are here.

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