Cooking as an act of Self-Love

Cooking for ourselves and practising conscious eating are perhaps the most primal and important acts of self love.
We build a deep sense of trust in ourselves, when we take time to nurture our bodies by making our own food.
I believe that a potent message of worth and value is reinforced into the unconscious mind when we take time to nurture ourselves.
Food and shelter are our most basic acts of survival.
When we practice self-care by maintaining a clean (sattvic), safe, inviting home and cooking for ourselves, we send a powerful message to your psyche that we are worthy and important.
Love is an action verb.
Actions speak louder than words. Self love through food is connected to the root chakra, or first chakra (if you are familiar with the yoga language), which governs the first stage of emotional and psychological development.
The root chakra (mulhadhara) is connected to physical identity, physical body, grounding, our relationship to the mother and sense of feeling safe and secure in the world.
I think that eating out all the time, rushing through, skipping meals, watching TV during dinner sends a message that we are not worth the time and effort to slow down, nourish, nurture and listen to our body`s deepest needs.
Ayurveda medicine, recommends massaging your food with your bare hands as much as possible and focusing on positive thoughts while you cook.
I, personally, like to play music while I`m cooking. I believe that all these good vibes makes the food taste better and nourishes myself and my family with all the good stuff.
I believe that is important to take time to eat your meal in a clean environment, at the table, sitting down, and mindfully savour each bite. It can be the only time of the day that you get to spend quality time with family, friends or yourself. Make it special!
Unfortunately, cooking is a tradition that is getting lost, more and more people have no clue from where to start. Very understandable, as things are so convenient these days.
Just know, if you are starting now, cooking is like learning any other skill, improves with time and effort. Keep persistent!

The way we eat says a lot about how we feel about ourselves and our food. It’s no wonder that many of us have a complicated relationship with food. Check my own complicated journey Binge Eating Disorder – Personal Story

We’re inundated with advertisements depicting impossible bodies and being told that the only way to obtain our “dream bodies” (the body society tell us we should have) is to get on a restrictive diet or becoming obsessed with all the fitness fad. Unfortunately, most of us, grow up to think there’s something wrong with us and our natural bodies. Note that, if you have been stressing around food and yo-yo dieting for your whole life, changes are that you are not on your healthy body anymore, but you can always get back to it. Check Non-dieting, body acceptance and HAES, what`s all that about?

Reality is, most of us know how to live healthily: eat veg and exercise regularly, you don`t need a nutritionist to tell you that, ironically. Of course that will look different for each of us and just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. The truth is, we won`t find the answers in crash diets or at the bottom of a bag of potato crisps.

It turns out that self-love is at the root of a healthy diet. When we take better care of ourselves, we’re less likely to binge eat (Alleluia!).

It makes sense, that`s why they call it emotional eating for a reason, if our emotions are relatively balanced, we probably won’t engage in any kind of self damaging behaviour.

But remember, if we’re burnt out or not sleeping well, we’re more likely to reach for a bag of cookies to soothe our frazzled minds.

Is it easy?

Of course not; binge eating can leave us feeling sick and guilty. It can feel like an impossible cycle to break. But, there is a way out, start with Mindful & Intuitive Eating

For 1-1 help, get in touch and I`ll guide you through it Contact

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