Using food to cope with emotions

As humans, we try to find easier ways to cope with our emotions and that is ok; we want comfort, nourishment, help to resolve our issues or just something to numb the uncomfortable feelings we don`t want to deal with. Some turn to alcohol, drugs or sex and others turn to food.

There is nothing more human than emotional eating, we are wired for survival.

The only problem is, food won`t fix any of our issues in the short term. In fact it can only makes us feel worse in the long run when we will need to, eventually, deal with the emotion anyway PLUS the discomfort of overeating PLUS other feelings like shame and guilt. I know, I have been there too, check my personal story

Eating can be one of the most emotionally laden experiences that we have in our lives.

The emotional rhythm around food is set from early age

When the baby is offered the breast to quiet his crying and each time a toddler is offered a cookie to soothe a scraped keep. Nearly every culture uses food as an important symbolic custom, this is ingrained in us.

Food is love, food is comfort, food is reward, food is a reliable friend.

And sometimes food becomes our only companion, this is how emotionally charged food can be.

I used to be emotionally unaware, I had a really hard time learning how to identify my own feelings. I used to overeat not just during my tough times but also as a main source of joy in my life.

Even after more than 8 years after my recovery, I still need to watch for subtle forms of emotional eating like boredom eating, nibbling to kill time in between tasks and eating for the hunger to come.

In fact, I still eat for emotional reasons every now and then, but now this is a very conscious choice.

I choose to be fully present in the moment, observe and experience every sensation going on inside me, without judgements.

The great thing about this is, I very rarely overeat and the uncontrollable binges disappeared. Now I`m fortunate to have food freedom and my life back!

Recovery from discorded eating/eating disorder is a inward journey, not a outward one. Approach it with curiosity instead of guilt, and watch the magic happens.

Have you been struggling to recognise your emotions? Let me coach you through it, get in touch

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