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Whether you’re struggling with weight and body image concern, battling digestion problems, facing a hormonal roller coaster, trying to get pregnant, or just want to eat more healthfully without giving up your day job to prepare Instagram-worthy meals: I`m here to make things a lot easier for you!

… and I’ll do it without throwing a 

bunch of supplements or restrictive diets at you.

​​Here, you will find a holistic, compassionate healthcare for EVERY body. 

Develop a healthier relationship around food and ditch the diet culture!

Say good bye to yo-yo dieting, over-eating, binge eating and stressing around food 

No calorie counting, no guesswork – Just pure psychology of eating tools and techniques, as well as intuitive eating and mindful eating.

Get ready to became the very best version of yourself!

How it works:

  1. Build in Motivational Coaching Support (Group or 1 to 1) : a cutting edge online health coaching session, that will help you identify your triggers and give you the direction that you need to make peace with food and body.
  2. Tailored to you: We are all uniquely different with our preferences, needs and goals.  Get access to a Food Journal App, and say accountable & supported meal by meal.
  3. Sustainable results: Designed to help you find what better works for you in the long term and achieve a sustainable, natural and healthy body.
  4. Stress Free Eating :  Learn how to honour your body`s hunger and fullness signals & adopt a gentle nutrition lifestyle
  5. Get yourself moving: Get started on Intuitive Movement, and find pleasure by moving your body again.

Want to find out if this program is the right fit for you?

Book a 15 min free initial consultation, below:

Break free from strict binge eating and take control back of your life again!

If within 30 days of purchase, you decide not to use our services, you may request a full refund. To obtain a refund, please contact us on the form above, including email address and name. You can cancel your membership at any time.

90 days to Food Freedom 1-1 Coaching

Need closer support? Sign up for weekly 30 minutes call for a general conversation about: new goals, habits, motivations, lifestyle, quality of sleep, water intake and gut health. Lifestyle optimisation - stress control techniques, gentle nutrition and gentle movement support. Daily accountability through RR app all the way, meal by meal. Weekly Q&A and access to an incredible support community on Facebook. Investment: £999,00 for 3 months upfront or £349,00 monthly


Food Freedom Group Coaching Program

Ready for 360 change? Join us and have access to weekly Q&A, an amazing community, daily food journal and accountability App, special tools & techniques and an amazing community to help you on your Food Freedom journey. LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE! Investment £99,00 monthly