Organic Snack Box

Our Organic Lowcarb Snack Box will support you to keep on track while having a busy day or on the road without healthy options available.

All boxes are packed with full nutritious superfoods, natural ingredients, free from refined sugar and gluten, we also support independent and local producers from across the UK

Why choose that?

Very convenient:  easy to carry around without any worries about going off and getting the inside of your bag all dirty!

Product expertise: specially chosen by me free, mainly organic, local, free from nasties and delicious taste.

Healthier options: lots of products look healthy but they are not, don`t get confused I`m here to support your health and wellbeing and select the best options available for you.

Exciting: updates with new and amazing products fairly often in your box, according to your taste.

Save time: Let me do the best gather and you can spend your time doing more fun stuff in your free time while enjoying amazing healthy snacks!

Choose yours!

  1. Wild Keto
  2. Lowcarb Boost
  3. Power Paleo