Power Paleo Vegan Box

6Ideal for Paleo and Primal fanatics, this box is 100% #paleofriendly and #veganfriendly, no processed, no grains, no refined sugar.

What are you going to get:

Greens and Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate 100g – cocoa mass, raw cane sugar and cocoa butter. Super rich in antioxidantes and magnesium, a delicious treat to cure your sugar cravings while in a Paleo diet.

Coconut and Macadamia Raw Paleo Bar – basically a combination of dates, cashew nuts, coconut and macadamia nuts (no hidden ingredients) a lovely sweet and powerful combination to take with you when you run of time or before the work out.

Organic Walnuts – natural raw organic walnuts, handy pack to carry around in your handbag when things get urgent and you need a healthy fat boost.

Organic Sauerkraut Carrot and Fennel – this amazing superfood and rich probiotic contens organic white cabbage and carrots, sea salt, fennel seeds and live bacterias. You`ll have to keep it in your fridge and you can add it in your meals as frequent as possible, it`ll improve the flora bacteria in your gut what helps you lose weight and feel amazing, give it a go.

Organic Smooth Amond Butter Meridian – just a blend of natural organic almonds, lovely spreed to add to your recipes and veggie snacks (celery, carrots, cucumbers).

Organic Hibiscus Herbal Infusion – a beautiful mix of organic flowers that helps you detox those extra liquids and toxins from your body.

Inspiral Raw Organic Kale Chips – an organic, spicy and taste mix of curly kale, cashew nuts, Himalayan crystal salt, horseradish, wheatgrass, mustard, cayenne pepper, spirulina and wasabi, a perfect snack to take away or to appreciate when you`re looking for a change, not much to say just one of my FAVORITES!

Juicy Wheat Grass Puka – 4g of organic powerful superfood wheat Grass juice powder, to mix with water anytime and anywhere

Organic Coconut Oil sache – pure, organic, cold pressed coconut oil, perfect to take it away with you to add in your bulletproof coffee or salad.