What is Food Freedom?

Food freedom is about indulging when it’s worth it, passing when it isn’t, and never feeling guilt or shame for doing either. It’s about taking the morality out of food, and recognising you are not a “good” or “bad” person based on what’s on your plate.

True food freedom means that you are able to recognise your emotions, respect your body`s natural signs of hunger and fullness, and be in control of the food you choose to eat, instead of letting the food control you.

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Why dieting is stopping you from being the best version of yourself

Things have changed around here, I changed.

As dietitian and I woman, dieting has being part of my life since — always.

I spent my whole life trying to lose weight and going from one diet to the next, things started when I was about 10 years old (yeah, you read it right, 10).

Since my graduation in 2013, I have being trying to help others find their “perfect body”, so then they could feel happy, accepted and fulfilled, exactly the way I wanted to feel.

I genuinely just wanted to help people and I still do, that`s why I live for, but let me tell you what I found out.

—- Dieting is stopping you from being the best version of  yourself —-

Food rules takes out mind space, and this makes you be disconnected from your body. 

It’s hard to notice your intuitive body messages when you’re mostly in your head thinking about food, eating, and/or your body weight. If you are new here and want to understand where I`m coming from, check Binge Eating Disorder – Personal Story and About Binge Eating Disorder

When you’re spending hours distracted, looking for paleo, keto, free-from, celery juice or whatever latest weight loss trend in the media, instead of doing the things that truly matters to you, those things that nurtures your unique gifts, talents and skills, something is off.

We, women, we are naturally intuitive beings, and we are able to connect to the wisdom we already have. This is our super power!


Intuitive eating is a way to open a doorway to intuitive living

I found out more about intuitive eating during my last trip to Sri Lanka last year, it was when I really took time to just be. And connect. And listen. To my own body and my own intuition. And, everything was already there!

Then, after that, back in the UK, and real research began. It was life changing.

If you are not familiar with Intuitive Eating, let me get you a short brief:

Intuitive eating asks that we begin listening to the hunger and fullness cues of our bodies. It is as simple as that. But that’s not all. It also offers ways to reject the diet mentality, connect to our bodies and let go of the obsession of thinness so grounded in our cultural and inherited conditioning.

If you’ve been chronically dieting (like me), or you’re, basically, in a semi-starved state, listening to and honouring your hunger and fullness can be difficult and complicated. This is where getting help from a non-diet practitioner can be of great value to re-nourish your body first so you can begin to receive and interpret those messages correctly.

Let me tell you something, from my own experience

It’s almost impossible to be deeply connected to your intuition while you’re still tracking macros like there’s no tomorrow, over-exercising, not eating enough, or you’re deadly afraid of carbs.

Getting a balanced, satisfying and adequate intake of food can ease mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety, and mild depression. Mental health takes a dive when we’re in a state of semi-starvation as the body struggles to construct all the neurotransmitters it needs to remain healthy. Intellectual clarity and intuition is improved when the mind receives proper nourishment.

It’s time to stop wasting your energy on the obsession of weight loss or maintaining a “non-natural” low weight as if that’s the most important thing in life. Guess what? It’s not.

In the other hand, if weight loss is important to you (and only you), I have good news! Working on improving your health and connecting to your body hunger clues, will help you land on your natural and healthy body weight. Brilliant, right?

Hey sis, we need you on the other side. Stop comparing yourself to others, get rid of toxic influences, show some love to your body today, the way it is, restricting diets are only stopping you from reaching your full potential. The world needs you, and it needs it now.

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