I would 100% recommend Emi. She is a fountain of knowledge and a massive inspiration. She is passionate about what she does, is incredibly kind, down to Earth, and non-judgemental.

With Emi, I learn so much about my mind and body, self-care, and self-love, and feel really empowered!!

M. Dadac

“Excelent profissional!

Emi, helped me with setting up an easy to follow, healthy meal plan just after the birth of my first child.

I was very overwhelmed as a new mum and my cooking skills weren`t that impressive, to be honest.  I just wanted to get back to my previous body, in a healthy and balanced way. All I needed, was a place to get started!

Emi took into consideration my personal preferences and my special conditions, even helped me with food shopping and easy recipes. I`m so happy with my results, it has been easier than I expected!

Emi taught me how to eat intuitively, I now know, that my body demands more energy than before, and it was important to respect its natural signals, nourishing with whole foods. I`m please to know that my baby is getting all the nutrients he needs through my breast milk and I`m allowing my body to slowly get back to its previous form, without any pressure or restrictions. It has been amazing, I highly recommend!

Thank you so much Emi

T. Derrick”

T. Derrick

“Emi helped me see life in a different way, I improved not just my eating habits but, in only 4 months, I also my relationship with food and my body.

I decided I didn`t want to start another diet, enough was enough! I was frustrated and overweight but I still believed that there was a different solution for me. I have had a long ride of yo-yo dieting and binge eating (specially at night times), which made me put extra weight on.

Now I enjoy eating well and the most important thing, I can recognise my emotions and use different coping mechanisms. Surprisingly, I feel more intuitive in all areas of my life

I`m more confident, more productive at work, my personal relationships and my self esteem are a way better, I look to myself in the mirror, I like that person again. It an amazing sensation! With my hormones and my health more aligned, I`m hoping to get pregnant soon.

I`m very grateful to my darling nutritionist Emi Looker, who is so hard-work, genuine, caring and an amazing professional, for helping me.

Thank you so much Emi, I wish all people around the world can benefit from your spectacular and precious job”

J. Detrano

“I decided to change my lifestyle because I wasn`t happy with the way I looked, I was overweight and I had no energy to do anything. My lack of motivation and very low self-esteem, made me take the first step to look for a professional that who could help and support me all the way towards my goal. I tried on my own a few times, but I didn`t achieve the results I wanted.

I had really unhealthy food habits, I didn`t like exercising, I didn`t know how to balance my meals or separate my physical hunger from my emotional hunger.​  With Emi, I learned how to make better and mindful choices, acknowledge my feelings and I still enjoying eating some of the “play foods” I like, without any guilt. I now, crave a very healthy meal that nourishes my body and makes me feel good.

Before working with her, “eating healthy” was the exception, I wasn`t even drinking enough water! I`m glad things are changed!

I was very lucky to find Emi Looker, she is an excellent professional and guided me all though. She taught me the basics of nutrition and  body physiology, so I could understand how my body functions, slowly I started to put things into practice and change my life. Now I feel healthier, I made peace with my body, I love exercising, I lost excess weight and I feel stronger than ever!

It has been nearly 6 years since I`m a new Camila who learned to love herself, I cannot thanks Emi enough

Thank you so much Emi”

Camila V.

Camila V.