J. Detrano

“Emi helped me see life in a different way, I improved not just my eating habits but, in only 4 months, I also my relationship with food and my body.

I decided I didn`t want to start another diet, enough was enough! I was frustrated and overweight but I still believed that there was a different solution for me. I have had a long ride of yo-yo dieting and binge eating (specially at night times), which made me put extra weight on.

Now I enjoy eating well and the most important thing, I can recognise my emotions and use different coping mechanisms. Surprisingly, I feel more intuitive in all areas of my life

I`m more confident, more productive at work, my personal relationships and my self esteem are a way better, I look to myself in the mirror, I like that person again. It an amazing sensation! With my hormones and my health more aligned, I`m hoping to get pregnant soon.

I`m very grateful to my darling nutritionist Emi Looker, who is so hard-work, genuine, caring and an amazing professional, for helping me.

Thank you so much Emi, I wish all people around the world can benefit from your spectacular and precious job”