T. Derrick

“Excelent profissional!

Emi, helped me with setting up an easy to follow, healthy meal plan just after the birth of my first child.

I was very overwhelmed as a new mum and my cooking skills weren`t that impressive, to be honest.  I just wanted to get back to my previous body, in a healthy and balanced way. All I needed, was a place to get started!

Emi took into consideration my personal preferences and my special conditions, even helped me with food shopping and easy recipes. I`m so happy with my results, it has been easier than I expected!

Emi taught me how to eat intuitively, I now know, that my body demands more energy than before, and it was important to respect its natural signals, nourishing with whole foods. I`m please to know that my baby is getting all the nutrients he needs through my breast milk and I`m allowing my body to slowly get back to its previous form, without any pressure or restrictions. It has been amazing, I highly recommend!

Thank you so much Emi

T. Derrick”