Wild Keto Box

If you`re going Wild on Keto seriously  keeping your carbs under 20g, have no time to try different recipes and need a little bit of change after a while on a diet without risking your goals, this is YOUR box! The most amazing and delicious products you can ever find out there, this box includes the best selection of Keto Organic Products right here for you.  100% natural ingredients, gluten free and extremely low in carbs. Enjoy the energy coming from your body ketones while appreciating some incredible and nutritious snacks.

You can add or change products in your box, feel free to ask.

What you are going to get:

Greens and Blacks 70% or + Dark Chocolate 100g – rich in magnesium and antioxidantes to balance your electrolites and add an amazing flavour in your recipes.

Organic Walnuts – natural raw organic walnuts, full of healthy fats to take around with you as a snack.

Organic Hibiscus Herbal Infusion – organic hibiscus flowers that helps to get rid of that extra body liquid, inflamations and toxins.

Inspiral Raw Organic Kale Chips – and organic, spicy and taste mix of curly kale, cashew nuts, Himalayan crystal salt, horseradish, wheatgrass, mustard, cayenne pepper, spirulina e wasabi, all the benefits of kale in a delicious pack of chips, just my FAVORITE! Great stuff!

Organic Coconut Oil sache – pure, organic, cold pressed coconut oil, perfect to take it away with you and add on your bulletproof coffee when out.